Metals & Mining

Extract More Value from Your Supplier

1IntorBoxThe mining industry is vital to the well-being of communities across the country. In addition to the individuals working directly in the mining industry, the industry also supports jobs in manufacturing, engineering, and environmental and geological consulting—roughly 3.5 additional jobs elsewhere in the economy. The minerals extracted are essential to nearly every aspect of our lives and our economy. Key markets include utilities, the primary metals industry, non-metallic minerals industry (glass, cement, lime), and the construction industry.

When you stop to consider how many feet of tubing and how many thousands of components can comprise a single mine site, it is no surprise that mining companies look for a trusted partner in their fluid system supplier. Especially when you add in how often component leaks are due to improper installation and missed maintenance opportunities, suppliers who are able to do more than just supply components often become critical partners in mining operations. 

Swagelok is equipped to be your partner every step of the way, from exploration all the way through reclamation. We are able to assist with selecting components, recommending system efficiencies, developing your workforce, and managing your inventory. In addition, since Swagelok has been fighting corrosion since 1947, metals and mining customers around the world turn to us to solve their challenges in extraction, processing, and refining of metal ores and mineral reserves. 

If you are planning a project or need fluid handling support, turn to Swagelok for:

  • Technical expertise: From our design and field engineers to our metallurgists and compliance experts, we can help you plan, build, and manage fluid systems that are simpler, faster, and safer
  • Complete coordination: Each project is unique and needs a customized approach. Our team can help manage the planning, design, logistics, regulations, contacts, delivery, inventory, and training to make sure everything is expertly executed
  • After-sale support: We know that our job is not done once your project is complete. We can assist with maintenance planning, recommending efficiencies, and developing your workforce. Consider Swagelok Minnesota | North Dakota | Appleton your partner, able to support your needs today, tomorrow, and in the future

Swagelok excels at making reliable connections and bridging logistical challenges in projects big and small. Having been in the business of preventing corrosion since 1947, we can help prevent expensive problems caused by rust. If you are in the business of extracting, processing, and refining of metal ores and mineral reserves, trust us to be your partner.

Metals and Mining Applications

Swagelok Minnesota | North Dakota | Appleton supports numerous mineral and auxiliary processing needs as well as plant applications for companies that mine and treat metal ores, including:

  • Air/gas treatment
  • Autoclaves
  • Bioprocesses
  • Blast furnaces
  • Concentrators (flotation, dewatering, magnetic separation)
  • Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems (CEMS)
  • Crushing, grinding, and classification equipment
  • Digester over pressure protection panels
  • Electrowinning (electroextraction)
  • Electricity production
  • Feed water analysis
  • Flash tank level control
  • Hydrogen infrastructure
  • Hydrometallurgical systems (leaching)
  • Instrumentation workshop needs
  • Laboratory equipment
  • Lime manufacturing
  • Lubrication lines
  • Mechanical seal support systems
  • Ore preparation (agglomeration, filtering, sintering)
  • Pneumatic and instrumentation panels
  • Rolling mills
  • Rotating equipment
  • Smelting (pyrometallurgical operations)
  • Steel production
  • Storage tanks
  • Water treatment and desalination


Swagelok has one of the largest inventories to support fluid system and instrumentation requirements. Select from over 290,000 end item product variations, with 10,500 products stocked globally, available in 17 various alloys, all backed by the Swagelok Limited Lifetime Warranty. Let us help you manage your inventory and supply chain disturbances.


Proper filters help you avoid contaminants that lead to off-spec products and other problems. We provide even more ways to increase system function with FW, F, and TF series filters for gas and liquid service.


Find tube fittings in 316/316L stainless steel and other alloys for corrosive environments, plus many other options. Corrosion testing on Swagelok® tube fittings continues to produce exceptional results in harsh conditions. 

Hoses & Flexible Tubing

No matter the pressure or temperature of your application, Swagelok hoses withstand corrosive conditions, while limiting kinking, absorption, and permeation.

Leak Detectors, Lubricants, & Sealants

Detect, eliminate, and avoid leaks. Our pipe thread sealants, PTFE tape, and thread lubricants prevent leaks from forming, while our liquid leak detectors identify leaking connections.

Mechanical Seal Support Systems

Small-molecule gases like hydrogen are hard to seal. Keep rotating equipment online with our safe, easy-to-maintain mechanical seal support system kits and assemblies.

Measurement Devices

Swagelok pressure gauges and pressure transducers provide accurate and dependable measurement. Many options are available. We also carry flow sensors, thermometers, and variable area flow meters.


Whether standard or custom options match your needs, find the right regulator the first time. Need it in high-purity, high-flow gas regulators? We have those too.


We supply valves that address your project's needs, from process and instrumentation ball valves to check valves and more. We also build and test valve manifolds.

Sample Cylinders

Simplify chemical transfer with sample cylinders compliant with various industry and transportation standards. These cylinders prevent samples from escaping and are easy to clean.

Engineering Services

Swagelok® Engineering Services are as varied as the gold, nickel, platinum, iron, copper, silver, zinc, lead, lithium, cobalt, coal, and uranium our customers mine and manufacture. For the exploration and refinement of these and other metal and mining activities, rely on our specialists for:

Design and Assembly Services

Receive as much design support as you need. We can follow your existing design or help you develop a new one. We handle CAD drawings, P&ID, component selection and sourcing, bills of materials, plus professional testing, packaging, and delivery.

Essentials Training

We help engineers and technicians make informed decisions and proper installations. Increase foundational knowledge of tube fittings, valves, hoses, regulators, and more. Our instructors cover the basics so your team can minimize leaks and maximize system integrity.

Global Construction

Managing large projects is hard when owners and contractors are separated by continents. You need a collaborator with global reach, a breadth of capabilities, and the application expertise to keep up. We can support you anywhere in the world, no matter how complex your project becomes. 

Materials Science

Choosing the right corrosion-resistant materials helps keep fluid systems leak-tight. Certain alloys resist corrosion better than others.  Swagelok® materials science training is for engineers, supervisors, purchasing agents, technical associates, and anyone involved in the material selection process.

Onsite Services

Swagelok field engineers can evaluate your fluid or sampling systems, advise on installation, and recommend system enhancements via detailed reports. Learn more about optimizing systems, improving sampling system reliability, identifying gas leaks, extending hose life, and where your plant is losing energy.

Sampling Systems

Process Analyzer Sampling System (PASS) training teaches sound design principles to deliver timely, accurate results and prevent errors. Develop an understanding of these subassemblies and how to build them. We also offer Sampling System Problem Solving and Maintenance (SSM), which teaches troubleshooting.


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