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We Offer Training Courses to Help You Succeed

One of the best things you can do to build a better workforce is to take advantage of training opportunities. Taught by Swagelok-certified trainers, our courses are designed to provide the skills and information needed to meet day-to-day challenges and keep up with the latest fluid system technologies. See below for all of our training opportunities:  

Training Course Availability
Tube Fitting Installation and Tube Bending See our monthly schedule for training course dates hosted in our Chaska, Minnesota office.
Contact us to schedule an onsite training in North Dakota. 
Hose Essentials Contact us to schedule. 
Medium- and High-Pressure Cone and Thread Essentials Contact us to schedule. 
Valve Essentials Contact us to schedule.
VCR® and VCO® Fitting Essentials Contact us to schedule. 
Process Analyzer Sampling System (PASS) TBD. Contact us for more information. 
Sampling System Problem Solving and Maintenance (SSM) Coming to Chaska, Minnesota office in 2025. 
Analyzer Technician Training (ATT) Contact us to schedule.
Tubing System Training Program Contact us to schedule.
Advanced Tube Bending Contact us to schedule.
Materials Science Contact us to schedule. 
Orbital Welding Contact us to schedule. 

If you would like more information on any of our available courses, please let us know:


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Why invest in training? 

  • Gain essential skills and knowledge to build and maintain a fluid system
  • Bridge the knowledge gap lost due to workforce turnover
  • Increase safety, minimize downtime, and achieve greater profitability
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Selecting a Trainer

Is your trainer trained? Learn what makes a training program successful.

Close the Skills Gap

Discover how proper training can help a team be more well-rounded and productive. 

Our Training Courses

We offer Swagelok® Essentials training courses most relevant to our customers' needs. Our trainers can provide you, your associates, installers, and maintenance vendors with a wide range of training to minimize installation, reduce maintenance errors, and to ensure system reliability. These classes can take place at our office, or we can come to you. Don't see a particular training topic you need? Just ask if we can help!

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Tube Fitting Installation and Tube Bending

Gain foundational tube fitting knowledge, including the proper assembly and installation technique to ensure system integrity and minimize leaks. Learn how to incorporate bent tubing within a system to eliminate connections and potential leak points. Instruction also covers how to select, cut, deburr, and bend tubing.


Minnesota Tube Fitting Installation and Tube Bending Training

The 8-hour Tube Fitting Installation and Tube Bending training course is held each month (when available) at our Chaska, Minnesota office. 

2024 Schedule

January 10 Register
February - Not available.  
March 13 Register
April 10 Register
May 8 Register
June 12 Register
July 10 Register
August 14 Register
September 11 Register
October 9 Register
November 13 Register
December 11 Register


North Dakota Tube Fitting Installation and Tube Bending Training

The 8-hour Tube Fitting Installation and Tube Bending training course can be scheduled at your location or at a nearby facility throughout North Dakota. Contact us to find out more about scheduling a training in North Dakota. 


Hoses and Flexible Tubing-38-1

Hose Essentials

Learn the basics that can help extend hose production cycles, promote safety, and lower the total cost of ownership. Instructors introduce common terminology, explain variables impacting hose selection, and teach how to select hose for different applications. Coursework includes common practices for conducting hose inspections and best practices for preventative maintenance schedules. To schedule this training, please contact us.



Medium- and High-Pressure Cone and Thread Essentials

This course provides foundational knowledge in cone and thread preparation and installation. The goal is to enable safe, optimal performance of cone and thread fittings in medium- and high-pressure systems. To schedule this training, please contact us.


Valve Essentials

Safety is the key consideration when selecting, maintaining, or replacing valves. Learn how to choose the right valves for your specific applications by identifying proper valve types and functions, understanding key features and construction, and identifying common issues. To schedule this training, please contact us.



VCR and VCO Fitting Essentials

Learn the important benefits of when and how to use face seal fittings. Discover the differences between VCR® and VCO® fittings, their common features and key markings, and where they are used. Then, learn what it takes to install each fitting type effectively, and how to troubleshoot issues. To schedule this training, please contact us


Sampling System Training

Sampling systems are one of the main reasons analyzers fail. If a sample system is not bringing correct samples, an analyzer will not work well. Unfortunately, problems are very hard to detect and even harder to solve. Having additional sampling system skills, however, can bridge a gap in lost expertise and provide the knowledge needed to make analyzers more successful. We offer a training program to help people better understand potential problems, what might cause problems, and ultimately the ability to fix them. The following courses are conducted by a certified Swagelok sampling system trainer based on Industrial Sampling Systems, a technical reference book authored by industry expert and consultant Tony Waters.

  • Process Analyzer Sampling System (PASS)
  • Sampling System Problem Solving and Maintenance (SSM)
  • Analyzer Technician Training (ATT)


Process Analyzer Sampling System (PASS) 

Gain a high-level understanding of sampling systems while designing and building an optimized system that delivers timely, accurate results. Process Analyzer Sampling System (PASS) training can help your team achieve better results.



Sampling System Problem Solving and Maintenance (SSM)

Learn how to troubleshoot a variety of common and complex design issues from the process line through sample disposal. Sampling System Problem Solving and Maintenance (SSM) training can help keep your systems at peak performance.


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Analyzer Technician Training

In this two-day course, you can learn to diagnose and eliminate common sampling system design flaws that result in erroneous data by using engineering principles, formulas, and calculations. Our experienced, certified trainer will walk your process analyzer sampling system with you while you apply what you've learned. To schedule this training at your facility, please contact us


Tubing System Training Program

If your job requires responsibilities for designing, installing, maintaining, or inspecting tubing systems, the Swagelok® Tubing System Training Program can enhance your skills to better solve challenges specific to your field. Join this course to learn more about installing a ferrule tube fitting, inspecting tubing systems, tube bending, and other best practices related to high-integrity tubing system. Get more information on the right training program for your industry:

Tubing System Training Program for Oil and Gas

Tubing System Training Program for Chemical and Refining

Tubing System Training Program for Hydrogen Applications

To schedule this training, please contact us


Advanced Tube Bending

Learn multiple methods of tube bending for both simple and complex bends with hand and benchtop tube benders. The Swagelok method of tube bending is accurate for the layout of all angles up to and including 180 degrees in all sizes within the capacity of the Swagelok line of tube benders. This course covers springback and how it affects the bending process; the purpose of the three marks used in the Swagelok method of tube bending; how to identify the components of the Swagelok hand tube bender; five potential bend defects and their causes; and more. To schedule this training, please contact us



Materials Science

Learn how to choose the right corrosion-resistant materials to keep your fluid systems leak-tight and operating efficiently. You will learn which specific alloys resist corrosion and how they do it, how various materials behave, and how industry standards impact your material choice. This course covers the principles of materials science; different types of corrosion and how specific alloys resist it; how to select optimal materials of construction for demanding applications; and more. To schedule this training, please contact us.



Orbital Welding

This course introduces basic welding principles and the fundamentals of orbital welding. A hands-on comprehensive review of orbital welding and the equipment enables attendees to set up, operate, troubleshoot equipment, and critique weld quality. Content also covers the Swagelok M200 power supply, weld heads, fixturing, and the tube facing tool. To schedule this training, please contact us




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