Swagelok's Values

A Vision for the Long Term

Swagelok Company is proud to celebrate over 75 years in business! We continue to grow and thrive by matching the speed of our customers and the pace of change in the world—without losing sight of what made us successful along the way. Swagelok 2945 Values Wheel

Reaching this remarkable milestone is a testament to our founder’s vision: a values-based culture; ongoing investments in our workforce and infrastructure; an evolving and innovative sales and service model that sets us apart; and a commitment to our valuable customers who count on us for high-quality products, services, and solutions. We have and continue to be a values-based company, committed to doing the right thing in every situation. Our values not only set us apart, but they are also the foundation of our success. Our values play out in everything from supply chain to engineering, from manufacturing to fulfillment.

As a privately held company, we are not under pressure for short-term financial results. At both a global and a local level, we attempt to make decisions that are in the best long-term interests of our company, our associates, and our customers.

Customer Focus: Create Value for the Customer

Swagelok and every sales and service center around the world work together to help customers achieve their goals—for safety, reliability, efficiency, sustainability, growth, and more. Regularly stocked products are readily available throughout the world, and technical experts are accessible to collaborate on specially designed solutions, on-site evaluations, and training

Integrity: Choose to Do the Right Thing

Integrity is at the heart of Swagelok. Our founder Fred Lennon set the standard, and today’s associates continue to be motivated to do the right thing. Each of our decisions impacts more than just our organization. Swagelok has the freedom to invest in our business in ways that benefit our customers, our communities, and each other—regardless of the economic climate.

Quality: Provide High Value and High Performance in All We Do

Quality is built into our products, every step of the way. Through rigorous raw material requirements and proprietary precision tooling, we ensure and protect the most critical product features. We are proud to provide high-quality products and experiences around the globe, and to provide product certification and product compliance documents to our customers.

Continuous Improvement: Systematically and Consistently Do Things Better

Our passion for continuous improvement inspires flexibility—and creativity. We are open to new ways of performing more efficiently and developing better solutions. Over the years, even our flagship product—the Swagelok® tube fitting—has benefited from improvements. As application requirements change, we adjust to meet these demands.

Respect for the Individual: Commit to the Success of Each Associate with Trust, Respect, and Fair Treatment

Our founder created a culture of respect, where associates—never “employees”—feel a sense of connection and pride. Our associates are proud of the work they do, the people with whom they work, and the communities in which they live—and they are dedicated to the customers they serve. That culture is evident at our home office in Solon, OH and at our sales and service centers around the globe. We are committed to nurturing an environment where all associates feel welcome and valued. It is no surprise that many associates call Swagelok a home for decades—or all—of their career.

Innovation: Challenge Conventional Wisdom to Create New Value

Swagelok was first to market with a leak-tight, two-ferrule tube fitting that helped define the fluid system industry. Our unique business model was a game-changer, too; a network of authorized sales and service centers, focused solely on Swagelok’s product line, supports customers with local inventory and expert support. Today, Swagelok holds more than 225 active patents, and as the pace of change continues to accelerate, we continue to collaborate with customers to bring new products and services to the marketplace.

Ideas make us better, so we encourage collaboration, invite honest feedback, and enjoy learning from each other. That includes our associates and our customers. Want to come join a team where your voice is valued?


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