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In the semiconductor industry, corrosive gases, extreme temperatures and precision are critical process variables, combined with the ever-increasing need for speed, repeatability, and cleanliness. Count on Swagelok to help you meet your application needs today—and tomorrow. Our ongoing commitment to quality ensures throughput, consistency and cleanliness—every time. semi

Aggressive Chemistries Require Superior Materials

Cutting-edge processes demand even greater material characteristics. Swagelok‘s stainless steels and special alloys are engineered and blended to offer the maximum corrosion resistance, strength and ductility. Our fluoropolymers offer stability at high temperatures, as well as chemical and corrosion resistance.

Supply Chain Control for Superior Cleanliness

We source and manufacture the best materials to ensure consistent quality. We go beyond the expected with processes like passivation and electropolishing for greater material purity. Then we clean and specially package our components to ensure your processes stay clean too.

We Can Help You Exceed Your Time to Market Expectations

If you have a concept for a fluid system design, we can work with you to get your design from a concept and desired functionality to a ready-to-use prototype. This process includes:
  • Reviewing your application needs
  • Evaluating feasibility with instrumentation
  • Providing design recommendations on a P&ID

If you have a working prototype, we can review your fluid system design and work with you on enhancements and manufacturing feasibility. This process includes: 

  • Reviewing the prototype's functionality
  • Recommending system improvements for long-term feasibility and manufacturability
  • Reducing leak points and overall footprint
  • Safety improvements
  • Component selection

After working together to improve your prototype, our Swagelok-trained technicians can save you time by designing, assembling, and fabricating your fluid system assemblies.

Learn about the factors influencing our customers' use of Swagelok products in critically important sub-systems.

Precise Dosing

Our innovations continue to advance semiconductor chip manufacturing. They include our latest ALD20 UHP valve with industry-leading high flow and high-temperature performance, ALD diaphragm valves tested to 100 million cycles, DE series springless diaphragm valves, DRP series fluoropolymer valves, benchmark-setting Swagelok VCR® face seal and Micro-Fit® fittings, photovoltaic components cleaned and packaged for PV processing and more.


We continue to push the boundaries of ultrahigh-purity (UHP) valve performance, allowing tool OEMs and integrators to build manufacturing equipment that provides reliable, clean, and consistent flow at high temperatures and speeds. We also provide semiconductor chip fabricators, foundries, and the mechanical contractors and gas/chemical suppliers who support them with a variety of general industrial fluid system products that deliver reliable performance in semiconductor manufacturing applications.


Remove particulate contaminants with Swagelok UHP inline gas filters in demanding applications where purity is a requirement and space is limited.


Browse our selection of high-purity weld fittings, O-ring face seal fittings and metal gasket face seal fittings, and optional accessories.

Hoses and Flexible Tubing

Find the right hoses, from insulated hoses for chiller applications to other PTFE hose, metal hose, hybrid hose, and rubber hose options. We also have tubing designed for semiconductor production.


Control pressure effectively with options that include spring-loaded and dome-loaded pressure-reducing regulators and compact high-purity, high-flow gas regulators.

Tube Benders

Swagelok’s hand tube benders, bench top tube benders, and electric tube benders provide high-quality bends on fractional and metric tubing, reducing installation time and effort.


Our valves include UHP ALD valves for semiconductor atomic layer deposition production plus diaphragm valves, bellows valves, check valves, and specially configured valves and accessories.

Welding System

Weld consistently and efficiently with the Swagelok orbital welding system, which provides cost-effective, reliable orbital gas tungsten arc welds (GTAW) for both tubing and pipe.


When you need specially designed products, fluid system assemblies, or on-site consultation to overcome specific challenges, we will collaborate with you. We have the technical expertise and application knowledge to develop custom fluid system solutions, troubleshoot fluid system issues, and deliver training designed to help you overcome limitations in your production processes, experiment with new production chemistries, and save time.

Design and Assembly Services

Receive design consultation and professional assembly of high-quality standard and configurable fluid subsystems constructed and tested according to best practices.

Fab Construction Services

Before the project begins and during each stage of a fab construction project, our specialists can help you reduce man hours, stay on schedule, and improve the long-term performance of industrial fluid systems through ongoing local support.

Field Engineering

Tap into Swagelok’s network of field engineers located across the globe for help with troubleshooting and optimization of your fluid systems.

Fluid System Training

Discover a variety of training courses designed to enhance your skills for developing, building, and maintaining fluid systems, including orbital welding, materials science, high-purity fittings essentials, and more.

Onsite Services

Regardless of your process type, our specialists can conduct fluid system site surveys, hose advisors’ evaluations, or leak detection audits to make your facility safer and more efficient.


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