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Wherever Your Oil and Gas Operations Take You, We’re There

As a global organization with strong local presence, Swagelok can support your oil and gas operations no matter where you operate. Local sales and service centers deliver on personal service that leads to high-value relationships you can count on in the long run.


When you partner with Swagelok Minnesota | North Dakota | Appleton, you connect to a technology leader. You gain access to high-quality fluid system components, training, and a global network of knowledgeable associates who are passionate about helping you solve the tough problems you face in discovering new energy reserves.

We offer reliable component solutions for oil and gas exploration, drilling, production, downhole, and refinery applications, including hydraulic fracturing. You also connect to top-notch engineering, design, materials science and logistics support. We know oil and gas, we understand the applications, and we know the standards and regulations. Our components for instrumentation, sensor, analytical, and control systems provide the performance, quality, and reliability that demanding environments require. We can help you overcome challenges, like the harsh environments that produce conditions like corrosion, hindering your operations.


Find materials with the attributes you need in harsh applications

Go behind the scenes at Swagelok’s corporate raw materials facility to see where Swagelok fluid system product quality begins.


See how our fluid systems can help overcome the challenges with fueling our world

Swagelok plays an integral role in every stage of oil and gas operations across the globe: From initial facility construction planning to building the infrastructure, getting the resource out of the ground, and transporting, storing, and further refining it into a myriad of finished consumer products. Take a look at our solutions:

Plant turnarounds

Plant turnarounds are both an inescapable reality and a common occurrence. They are costly, complicated, and slow, which can lead to big picture inefficiencies, interruptions in production, and a severe impact to the bottom line. Consider the following challenges that come with plant turnarounds:

  • Workforce: Labor shortages and loss of skilled workers
  • Financial: Priorities vs. budget and trade-off between schedule, cost, and scope
  • Safety and environmental: Stricter safety protocol and regulatory compliance
  • Equipment and material: Potential new discoveries, incorrect installation and repair, and material delays

We have the local expertise you need to avoid these turnaround challenges and are committed to helping you with education and service support. Take a look at this video to learn seven strategies for more effective turnaround management:  

Why partner with us for your next plant turnaround

As your local fluid system partner, we are dedicated to your success. We can take the pressure off your team during plant turnarounds by addressing your need for local and readily available fluid system components, engineering support, and other capabilities, such as welding.

Readily available fluid system components

  • We deliver components to you before the outage begins so you are ready when the schedule starts
  • We keep you organized during an outage with our practical industrial storage solutions
  • We ship components to you quickly during an outage if – and when – the need arises
  • We replenish components used during an outage for when production recommences, so you do not miss a beat




Engineering support

  • Our team can help identify existing and potential leak points, suggest more leak-tight components, and recommend design improvements
  • We can help you choose fluid system products and alloys that are optimized for your process and that limit the potential for environmental damage due to leakage
  • Meet tougher regulatory demands related to safety and emissions through leak detection and risk mitigation
  • Our engineers offer consulting services, assisting with specifications while recommending efficiencies and cost-saving configurations
  • Gain foundational tube fitting knowledge, including the proper assembly and installation technique to ensure system integrity and minimize leaks




Local welding capabilities

  • Our local experts can tackle welding projects before, during, and after an outage
  • Remove leaks from old systems with new, safe solutions welded by our specialists
  • Shrink footprints of older systems with new, smaller solutions





We engineer and manufacture a comprehensive suite of control and measurement fluid system products, including options that comply with the strictest of regulations and industry performance standards. We understand the demands of challenging oil and gas industry applications, choosing materials and designs that will keep fluid systems operating effectively even in the harshest environments. Choose Swagelok for reliable, appropriately certified fluid system products backed by the Swagelok Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Analytical Instrumentation

Choose from fully engineered fluid system assemblies such as grab sampling panels, gas distribution systems, mechanical seal support systems, analytical subsystems, and miniature modular systems designed and tested according to best practices.


We offer a variety of small bore fluid system fitting products in a wide variety of alloys that are engineered to help you maintain leak-tight system performance in low-pressure, medium-pressure, and high-pressure applications featuring corrosive environments or extreme temperatures.

Hoses and Flexible Tubing

Choose from millions of hose product variations with different core materials, reinforcement styles, end connections, and insulation options to achieve long-term, reliable performance in diverse oil and gas applications.


Maintain precise pressure control throughout your fluid systems with spring- or dome-loaded pressure-reducing, back-pressure, and specialty regulators capable of handling a wide range of pressures and flows.


From full-flow ball valves capable of handling high flow rates and working pressures in applications like hydraulic, injection, and fire suppression systems to metering valves that provide precise flow control, find the durable, dependable valves you need to achieve your goals.


We can deliver the expertise, oversight, and assurances needed to feel confident in the performance of your fluid system assets throughout their full lifecycle. Local specialists are backed by a global team of experts, ensuring you receive the recommendations and support you need to improve the performance, productivity, reliability, and safety of your fluid systems—all while controlling costs and mitigating environmental risks.

Design and Assembly Services

If you are experiencing issues with existing fluid systems or lack the resources to design and build reliable subsystems, our local experts can engineer and fabricate kits, assemblies, and subsystems optimized for your operations.

Field Engineering

Swagelok-trained professionals can help guide component selection and system design from afar or visit your onshore or offshore facilities to evaluate your fluid systems, providing detailed recommendations on installation practices and system enhancements.

Fluid System Training

We can provide the knowledge needed to keep your fluid systems operating safely and effectively with training covering fluid system design, installation, operation and maintenance, materials science, welding, fluid sampling, and more.

Global Construction Services

Learn how we draw upon global resources to provide companies working on capital projects with access to the fluid system products, design expertise, locally delivered services, and coordinated project support they need to keep large-scale oil and gas construction projects on time and on budget.

Locally Stocked Inventory

We can assist you with inventory optimizing, organizing, labeling, and reordering to help prevent stockouts and reduce the risk of downtime. Eliminate transaction fees and avoid being bogged down by surplus items with carefully managed onsite inventory services.

Onsite Services

Receive advice from fluid system specialists about how to best troubleshoot issues with existing fluid systems or improve system designs by booking fluid system evaluationssampling system analyses,  leak detection audits, or hose evaluations.   


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