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Becoming a loyal Swagelok Minnesota | North Dakota | Appleton partner delivers several benefits for maintaining and improving your facility's fluid system. We partner with companies to help scale their growth, and in turn, they view us as more than just a component supplier. These lasting, loyal partnerships allow us to make other resources available in an effort to make those customers more efficient and effective.

Trusting in Swagelok components to keep your fluid systems operating safely, efficiently, and leak-free is just the beginning. We can help you every step of the way with your fluid system needs.         

Component Selection and Understanding Your Fluid System

You might start with Swagelok because of the quality, reliability, and availability of our fluid system components. You may not know much about us beyond the products we supply. So, now is a good time to find out why customers across the globe in numerous industries trust Swagelok for their most demanding applications:


Getting Started with Your Fluid System

The quality of our products starts with our raw materials. When identifying the components you need for your fluid system, however, you still need to give close attention to managing corrosion. At Swagelok Minnesota | North Dakota | Appleton, we help simplify the selection process for our customers with our deep understanding of factors that contribute to corrosion, as well as the special properties of materials that help fight it. When you start with Swagelok components you are already a step ahead in fighting corrosion in your fluid system. Visit our Materials Science page to learn: 

Using the right components can help avoid corrosion and safety issues: 

Selecting Materials for Corrosion Resistance

Choosing the right material isn't easy. These tips can help.

Pitting Corrosion vs. Crevice Corrosion

Understand different types of corrosion and how to prevent them.  

Why You Should Not Intermix Tube Fittings

Learn the issues caused by intermixing components.


Additional Assistance with Component Selection

Choosing the right or wrong fluid system product can make the difference between a reliable and unreliable system. Do you suspect that improper products are causing your fluid systems to underperform? We can help by finding and addressing issues with your:

To avoid unplanned downtime and lost revenue, work with us to find the right fit for your needs based on pressure, temperature, CV, material compatibility, different types of valves or actuation, assembly, and many other factors. We can also provide expert consultation on corrosion resistance, leak mitigation, safety factors, and process and system accuracy and design. Email us to learn more about product consulting. 

What Are Your Fluid System Pain Points?

Running and maintaining fluid systems is only one part of your facility's operations. Yet, often times a fluid system can distract your team from handling other important work. When you understand the pain points of your fluid system, however, you can start a plan to address common issues, inefficiencies, safety hazards, and reasons for downtime. Having the support and resources of a company who is an expert in fluid system applications can give you all the tools you need to run a successful fluid system.  At Swagelok Minnesota | North Dakota | Appleton, we want to be your trusted resource for all of your fluid system needs by providing industry-leading quality in products, technical support, and engineered solutions.  

Whether you need to address safety or performance issues, or don't know where to start, we have the right resources and people to help you.

Safety Checklist

Start your fluid system safety plan with this checklist.

Performance Issues

Tackle practical performance issues in fluid and sampling systems.

Help From Engineers

Rely on our field engineers to solve any fluid or sampling system issue.

What Kind of Partner Do You Need for Success?

You might be looking for more than just a few components for your fluid system. When this is the case, consider all of the ways we at Swagelok Minnesota | North Dakota | Appleton can assist you with your growing fluid system needs. As a loyal customer, you'll have access to our full suite of solutions and services including:

Design and Assembly Services

If your team is stretched thin or doesn't have the necessary experience for certain fluid system assembly projects, consider taking advantage of our local, experienced personnel to get the job done right and on time. From project start to completion we ensure your unique requirements are seamlessly met all while adding efficiency and reliability to your operations. Some of our capabilities that can add value to completing a fluid system project include:

  • Tube Bending, Coiling, Pre-Swage
  • Orbital Welding
  • Hose Fabrication
  • Panel Assemblies
  • Standard and Configurable Assemblies


Hear how Design and Assembly Services have helped customers just like you:

Inventory Management

We understand the importance of having the right fluid system components on hand when you need them, which is why we offer customers who use a high amount of Swagelok inventory, logistical assistance, and other value-added services. Your facility might reach the point of needing our inventory management assistance if you:

  • Routinely order Swagelok components
  • Don’t have an internal inventory manager
  • Spend too much time looking for parts
  • Never have the necessary parts
  • Wish your Swagelok inventory was more organized
  • Have part bins labeled incorrectly or not at all 

Top Reasons Customers Use our Inventory Management Services

  • It's FREE - No extra fees
  • On-site, 24-7 availability of your most-used Swagelok products
  • Prevents delays caused by back orders
  • Minimizes parts being obsolete
  • Decreases the number of orders placed and invoices submitted
  • Allows for more effective use time management
  • Reduces costs associated with maintaining inventory
  • Reduces delivery time and costs
  • Reduces the amount of overstock


Inventory Management: Customer Success Stories

Maintaining inventory requires a lot of time and effort. But outsourcing inventory management requires commitment and dedication to a business-building partnership. When you partner with us, we will develop a unique program to address all of your inventory needs, including ways to reduce your procurement and inventory costs. Take a look at the ways these customers were helped with an inventory management program designed just for their needs:   

Cost Savings

Consignment inventory program keeps the right components readily available.

Just In Time Delivery

Company avoids the added cost of owning a large warehouse by using local support. 

A customer case study on the benefits of an inventory management program:

Invest in Your Team for the Long Term with Swagelok Training

From in-person instruction to online resources, we offer various trainings to help improve your fluid system operations. Swagelok® training programs provide a range of valuable and practical tools for meeting day-to-day challenges related to fluid system and sampling system design, operation, and maintenance. In-depth, hands-on courses taught by experienced instructors help both new team members and industry veterans. Whether you need to build a foundational understanding of fluid and sampling systems or you want to stay up to date on the latest technologies and best practices, Swagelok offers robust training.



Why Training Matters

Training revolved around fluid system operations can put your facility on the path for success. Without proper training, workers could be subject to safety risks and fluid systems could fail. When you have access to our wide range of training opportunities and experienced instructors, you'll receive valuable and practical knowledge for overcoming issues related to fluid system and sampling system design, operation, and maintenance. Learn more about the benefits of investing in training:

Develop a Well-Trained Team

Tips to help you build an effective fluid system training program.

Bridge Workforce Skills Gap

Training areas to help bridge the skills gap across several industries.

Safety Depends on Training

Protect your employees by giving them the right tools and expertise.

Important Training Resources to Get you Started

Explore blog articles and more on Swagelok Reference Point, a valuable online resource to help you achieve more with your fluid system.

Finding the Right Trainer

Tips for finding the right fluid system trainer. 

Proper Tube Preparation

Why system performance depends on tube preparation.

Tube Fitting Installation

Get started with tube fitting installation training.

What You Need to Know About Hoses

Access everything you need to understand industrial hoses.

How to Select the Right Valve

Explore the STAMPED Method for finding the right valve.

Training for Orbital Welding

How training can bridge the learning gap in welding.

You can also find Swagelok on YouTube. Here you'll find Tech Tips video tutorials that will give you practical, actionable practices you can use in your facility every day. Most videos are between 5 and 10 minutes of hands-on experience. From proper fitting assembly to fluid system troubleshooting and beyond, Swagelok Tech Tips offer a great video resource to common problems.

Find Swagelok training videos on YouTube:


Field Engineers Provide the Right Help When it Matters Most 

As you're trying to do more with less and while a highly experienced workforce is retiring, you might need to rely on a Swagelok field engineer to tackle some of your most pressing fluid system challenges. Our locally based and Swagelok-trained field engineers have the experience and expertise to guide you through proven solutions to your toughest challenges. Their focus is to help you determine how to:

  • Meet tougher regulatory demands related to safety and emissions through leak detection and risk mitigation
  • Increase productivity and yields from your fluid systems through design enhancements and troubleshooting
  • Reduce operating costs by minimizing maintenance requirements and improving system performance
  • Maintain or increase profitability by making uptime and process improvements
  • Replace business knowledge due to workforce changes through consultation and training 



When you're ready to upgrade your fluid system with notable changes, turn to our Field Engineers for solutions to your most challenging issues:



Types of Systems Addressed by Swagelok Field Engineers

  • Analyzer sample conditioning systems
  • Grab sampling systems
  • Mechanical seal support systems for rotating equipment
  • Gas distribution systems
  • Instrumentation pigtails for gas pipelines
  • Chemical sterilization dispensers for hospitals
  • Point-of-use manifolding
  • Manifolding for multiple gas cylinders
  • Regulator changeover manifolds
  • Purge panels
  • Bulk specialty gas systems
  • Welding gas systems
  • Canisters for high-purity chemicals
  • Chiller systems
  • Gas sticks for purge and specialty processes
  • Ultrapure water systems
  • Tool gas boxes for semiconductor production

What to Expect from a Field Engineer Visit

  1. You identify the system or systems that need to be evaluated
  2. Our team conducts a field assessment of those systems
  3. We identify opportunities for process improvements
  4. We develop a comprehensive solutions summary that explains findings, prioritizes improvements, and quantifies benefits
  5. The field engineering team will provide support as needed as you act upon recommendations



Quick and Easy Solutions to Time Consuming Systems

Our loyal customers turn to us for a myriad of systems. We offer a series of predesigned and preassembled analytical instrumentation subsystems for use in all types of plants and facilities where fluids are being processed. These plug-and-play systems help reduce work and offer something that can easily become part of a fluid system. They can provide a lower cost of ownership, less maintenance, and increased uptime. Take a look at how these pre-engineered subsystems can bring consistency to your operations:

Gas Distribution Systems

We evaluate existing gas distribution systems and build standardized, configurable gas delivery systems to help protect system operators, increase process uptime, and improve process accuracy and repeatability.

Grab Sampling Systems

Customizing Swagelok grab sampling systems allows for safe, efficient sample capture while meeting your specific plant application needs. The panels are available in a variety of configurations.

Mechanical Seal Support Systems

Our seal support systems are guided by API 682 and offered as kits and assemblies. These systems reliably supply either gas or liquid to the mechanical seal to regulate the environment in which the seal operates, increasing longevity.

Swagelok® Onsite Services Addresses Your Pain Points

You don’t need to face your fluid system issues alone. Every day, our fluid system specialists work with customers to tackle pressing design, installation, operation, and maintenance challenges. Whether you are focused on identifying issues, finding the right solutions, or optimizing your processes, find out how Swagelok onsite services can help. We'll bring our technical expertise, application experience, and industry knowledge to you. We'll evaluate your fluid or sampling systems, advise on installation practices, and recommend system enhancements via detailed reports tailored to address your most pressing challenges.

Swagelok® Onsite Services:

Fluid System Evaluation & Advisory Services
Find out where issues within your fluid systems are jeopardizing system functionality, as well as how your system designs could be tweaked to benefit your business.
Sampling System Evaluation & Advisory Services
Improve sampling system reliability, reduce operating and maintenance costs, and identify unseen opportunities for system improvement.
Leak Detection Services
Identify leaks in your gas systems, find out how much cost and risk they contribute to your business, and prioritize enhancements accordingly.
Hose Advisory Services
Eliminate a variety of hose-related issues that cause safety concerns, unplanned downtime, low product yield, and costly parts replacements.
Grab Sampling Support
Work with our experts to produce more accurate, compliant, and safe samples while reducing your grab sampling costs.

Learn how we can help you tackle some of your biggest fluid system challenges:


Discover the importance of addressing leaks at your facility:

Leak Detection Case Studies

Success stories from customers who turned to Swagelok leak detection services.

Detect and Prevent Leaks

Read about the common causes of fluid system leaks and how much they can cost your facility.

Gas Plant Saves 90% on Labor

Learn how leak detection during a plant turnaround uncovered significant savings.

Solutions to Make Maintenance Easier

Routine, scheduled, and preventative maintenance can help save money and decrease safety issues. Let us help guide you through maintaining your fluid system with a variety of resources. From online videos, to informative articles, field engineers, fluid system experts, and more, turn to us for assistance whenever maintenance becomes a high priority for your facility. In addition, we offer onsite evaluations, which you'll find helpful to your general maintenance because they:

  • Are conducted by a Swagelok field engineer
  • Include an extensive evaluation of fittings, tubing, hoses, valves, pressure regulators, and gauges
  • Identify opportunities to align with best practices to maximize uptime and increase safety
  • Provide estimated costs of existing, unrepaired leaks
  • Show areas of concern categorized by severity through photos
  • Give steps that can be taken to remedy issues

Learn how a predictive maintenance plan can help save money:


Start a fluid system maintenance plan with some of these tips:

Maintenance Plan Helps Save Money

Learn how to develop a preventive maintenance plan.

3 Steps to Improve Hose Safety

Tips to avoid dangerous situations and save money.

Maximize the Life of Your Components

Get the most out of fluid system components.

Minimize Downtime with Robust Tagging

Learn how hose and valve tags can improve your maintenance plan.

Guide to Valve Maintenance

A look at some of the essentials of valve maintenance.

Take a Proactive Approach to Hose Maintenance 

One place to focus on for maintenance improvement is with your fluid system hoses. If you're growing tired of unplanned downtime, repeatedly replacing hoses, wasting product, and worrying about safety incidents, now is the time to use Swagelok® Hose Advisory Services. By simply starting with hose maintenance, you'll see many benefits including:

  • Improved facility efficiencies: Save time and resources while being able to focus on more pressing priorities.
  • Spend reductions: Prevent costs associated with continuously replacing the same problem hoses, unplanned downtime, and wasted product.
  • Extended hose life: Save money through proper hose selection and installation.
  • Enhanced maintenance: Better predict when systems will need attention and understand what steps are necessary to keep everything running smoothly.
  • Increased safety: Keep your plant and processes safe, predictable, and dependable with leak-tight products to reduce the risk of injuries and environmental damage.

We can provide a certified Swagelok hose advisor to take the pressure off you and address your hose needs. This experienced Swagelok hose advisor will partner with you to focus on preventative maintenance and system optimization through an onsite survey process that includes: A thorough discussion of your facility's goals, a visual analysis of all hose systems, a detailed, expert-reviewed report containing:

  • Overall findings
  • Prioritized improvement recommendations
  • Hose selection, installation, inspection, and maintenance guidance
  • Preventative maintenance schedules and inventory suggestions
  • A hose register with survey findings or new database

Watch this video to see what Swagelok Hose Advisory Services can do for you:

More services to help you address issues and improve your fluid systems:

Virtual Onsite Visits

With virtual technology we can provide real-time troubleshooting.

Improving Analytical Instrumentation

Remedy your fluid system challenges with training and expert evaluation services.

Bridge the Skills Gap

Learn how fluid system training and advisory services can help operators bridge a growing skills gap across several industries.

Key Components to Your Fluid System

Materials Science

We can help simplify the selection process with our understanding of materials selection.

Tube Fittings

Discover the advantages of our tube fittings and how they are designed for quality and reliability.


Select the right valves for your application using this helpful online guide.

Seamless Tubing

Seamless tubing can improve your fluid system. Find out how.

Hose Solutions

Ultimate resource for selecting and maintaining your hose and flexible tubing.

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