Swagelok Design and Assembly Services

Enhance Safety and Lower Your Total Cost

If you're short on manpower, we can provide a local set of extra hands by building your fluid system assemblies for you. If you need design assistance, we can provide that, too.

You'll find no higher quality assemblies, panels, enclosures, or hoses anywhere. We produce a professional, repeatable solution, with testing, inspection, and packaging—all with Swagelok's Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Assemblies can be small or large, consisting of a few components or a complete panel or enclosure. We can follow your design, or your team can work with our tech center to develop a new or revised one. In the end, outsourcing your assembly to Swagelok Minnesota | North Dakota | Appleton results in enhanced safety, often lowers your total cost, simplifies your logistics, and shortens your turnaround time.

We can handle a wide range of fabrication and assembly needs, such as:

  • Tube Swaging and Threading
  • Sub-Assemblies
  • Tube Bending, Coiling, Pre-Swage
  • Panel Assemblies
  • Orbital Welded Assemblies
  • Enclosures
  • Hose Fabrication
  • Automated Ball Valves



Our design and assembly services are local and ready to assist you:


Swagelok Minnesota| North Dakota| Appleton Design and Assembly Capabilities


In-House Hose Assemblies

We offer a vast selection of hose products, along with the ability to fabricate end connections to meet your most diverse demands in custom lengths and pre-assembled end connections.


Orbital Welding

Swagelok Minnesota | North Dakota | Appleton is ASME B31.3 Process Piping Certified. Let us assist you in your orbital welding needs.


Analytical Instrumentation

We offer a wide variety of solutions for related applications, including fully designed and fabricated fluid system assemblies, pre-engineered subsystems, fluid system components, and supporting troubleshooting, design and training services.



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