Clean Energy

Clean Energy

Quality components are fundamental for maintaining your safety, performance, and credibility across the clean energy market. But quality components alone will not help you achieve the consistency necessary for long-term success. To sustain your success, you need a supplier that not only provides high-performance components but also offers tailored and comprehensive support that empowers you to improve your system and increase your impact on the industry. refueling-hydrogen-vehicle-content

Alternative fuel technologies are helping buses, trucks, and other vehicles operate more cleanly and efficiently than ever before. With these advances come other challenges, however. Building fluid systems for applications involving the storage, transfer, and use of pressurized, potentially volatile, small-molecule fluids requires the use of components with advanced performance capabilities. It also requires a strong understanding of materials science, fluid system design best practices, and global alternative fuel industry certifications, standards, and approval processes.

  • Swagelok Minnesota | North Dakota | Appleton actively supports companies developing alternative fuel technologies for the clean energy industry
  • We provide fluid system expertise and a deep understanding of application requirements that will help you compete effectively in a performance-driven, safety-focused market
  • We provide a variety of certified fluid system components and custom assemblies with the tolerances and material compositions to provide leak-tight performance in hydrogen fuel cell, compressed natural gas (CNG), and liquefied natural gas (LNG) vehicles and refueling infrastructure
  • We also consult with customers to help them design or improve upon on-vehicle fuel systems and refueling stations
For more than 75 years, the Swagelok offering has improved the operations of many critical applications across the clean energy sector; we have served the industry in thousands of CNG, infrastructure projects, passenger, and commercial vehicles and select LNG and hydrogen applications around the world. Work with a company that transportation companies around the world trust when their fluid systems cannot fail—Swagelok.

Continuing Innovation

We continue to develop and refine products that help our customers achieve their goals, like the Swagelok Assembly-by-Torque (AbT) fitting. Improve the repeatability, accuracy, and speed of your tube fitting installation using a torque wrench. 


Trust Swagelok NG series natural gas hose assemblies which are certified for NGV3.1-2014 Class B (on-vehicle applications outside the engine compartment) and NGV4.2-2014 Class A and Class D (dispensing systems).

Gain insights about Swagelok’s effort to earn EC-79 certification of multiple products to support Luxfer Gas Cylinders in its pursuit of business with European bus manufacturers.



We enable the growth of sustainable, green mobility in the following applications:


  • Electrolyzers
  • Micro-grids
  • Fuel cells
  • Virtual pipelines (tube trailers)
  • Refueling stations (infrastructure)
  • FCEV fuel systems
  • Dispensers and priority panels



  • Virtual pipelines
  • Refueling stations (infrastructure)
  • Heavy-duty vehicles
  • High-horsepower vehicles


All our standard products and custom components are backed by the Swagelok Limited Lifetime Warranty. Hydrogen fuel cell, natural gas, or other synthetic fuels (ethanol, methanol, biodiesel, etc.) on-vehicle fluid systems and the infrastructure used to fuel them require high-integrity system components that effectively contain high-pressure, small-molecule gases. We provide OEMs with high-performance fluid system products specifically engineered for the toughest challenges in the specialty fuels markets. Our components are designed to deliver the seal tightness, grip strength, thermal performance, corrosion resistance, ductility, and ease of assembly needed to make alternative-fuel vehicles and infrastructure viable. 


Find and install all-welded inline or tee-type filters that remove system particulate contaminants from your alternative fuel systems.


We offer a wide variety of fittings for alternative fuel system applications, including Swagelok® FK series fittings, assembly-by-torque (AbT) fittings that are quick and easy to install, and Swagelok® tube fittings that deliver gas-tight seals resistant to vibration fatigue.

Hoses and Flexible Tubing

Choose from millions of variations of metal core, PTFE/PFA core, rubber core, and thermoplastic core hose and flexible tubing options to find products designed to perform well in hydrogen and natural gas on-vehicle and refueling infrastructure applications.

Measurement Devices

Maintain optimal fluid conditions in on-vehicle alternative fuel applications and refueling with measurement devices that are easy to use and read.


Choose the right pressure regulators rated appropriately to maintain ideal pressures in alternative fueling infrastructure applications.

Tubing and Tube Accessories

Find tubing with the material composition and performance characteristics required for hydrogen and CNG/LNG fuel system applications.


Whether you are working with hydrogen, natural gas, or synthetic fuels, find dependable ball valves for on-vehicle or dispenser use, check valves for excess flow prevention in on-vehicle applications, relief valves for purge and bleed applications, and instrument manifolds that minimize potential leak
points in refueling stations.

Engineering Services

Strained workforces, a lack of skilled technicians, and supply chain complexities are just some of the challenges that can make the development of fluid system applications difficult. We can provide the support you need to overcome design challenges, select components, and troubleshoot issues while developing low- or zero-emission fuel storage, transportation, and delivery systems. Come to us for custom subsystems and assemblies built to your exact specifications, ready to be installed. Or, let our experienced fluid system professionals help get your team members get up to speed on fluid system best practices, trends and technology, or installation and safety.

Design and Assembly Services

Have our fluid system professionals build you Swagelok® Custom Solutions that can range from a few components or complete fluid systems, including gas fill panels or assemblies, compressors, and fuel lines. We produce standardized, scalable designs complete with testing, inspection, and packaging, as well as CNC tube bending and preswaging of tubing and fittings.

Field Engineering

Our experienced field engineers are stationed around the world and can help you identify and solve application challenges, troubleshoot problems, and recommend materials based on factors that contribute to corrosion, hydrogen embrittlement, and chemical compatibility issues.

Fluid System Training

A well-trained team can help ensure that your approach is consistent and that your standards are upheld on every installation. Swagelok offers training on topics such as materials science, tube bending, hose routing, orbital welding, and product selection, installation, and inspection, helping ensure your team can effectively assemble and operate critical gas systems.

Locally Stocked Inventory

We can assist you with inventory optimizing, organizing, labeling, and reordering to help prevent stockouts and reduce the risk of downtime. Eliminate transaction fees and avoid being bogged down by surplus items with carefully managed onsite inventory services.

Onsite Services

Our experts can visit your facility to help you attain the performance you need from fluid systems on heavy-duty vehicles, at mobile or stationary fueling stations, or within the facility. In the process, we help you minimize costs and fluid system downtime while helping you avoid safety hazards and environmental risks.


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